Strategy & Process

I use words to solve problems, and I can help you achieve your goals through clear, concise, and engaging writing. 


My services include writing and editing – translating scientific information into interesting and informative narrative or feature stories; capturing meeting discussions into actionable next steps; and speechwriting , including slide decks. 


I partner with clients on all stages of writing, from developing the first draft to polishing a near-final product, and all steps in between. For those clients who want coaching, I give you tools, tips, and tricks for making your thoughts come to life on the page or on the screen.

Pre-Writing Consultation

Clear and convincing communication involves key steps that must occur before a document is born.  All of my writing projects start with a pre-writing consultation to learn more about my client and their goals.

Organizing thoughts, information, and messages clearly and persuasively requires two key steps: identifying your audience and articulating your goal.


We will discuss:

  • What do you want to accomplish with this report/manuscript/essay/email/slide deck?

  • To whom are you speaking and what do they know and not know?

  • What do you want your reader to feel, think, or do?


  • Position papers

  • Essays about science and science policy

  • Op-eds and perspective pieces

  • Scientific manuscripts and reviews

  • Stories about people, projects, or scientific areas

  • Patient stories

  • Fact sheets

  • Online content about science and health

  • Meeting summaries

  • Strategic plans

  • Speechwriting and slide presentations

  • Executive correspondence


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